IADC Well Control Awareness

IADC Well Control

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IADC Well Control Awareness-$99



This IADC Accredited introductory course is intended for any drilling personnel interested in understanding the basics of drilling and well control. The course is designed for the IADC WellSharp Introductory curriculum, and students will receive an IADC certificate. 


Entrance Regulations

No entrance requirements


Who should attend:

IADC recommends that persons in these positions or roles complete the Introductory Level Course. Contractor/Operator/ Service Company MPD/UBD wellsite service personnel (non-supervisory) Contractor Barge Engineer Captain/Master Pit Hand, Pump Hand, Shaker Hand Subsea Engineer Derrickman Floorman BOP/Subsea Engineer, LMRP Engineer and Dynamic Positioning Officer Operator Operator Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) Onshore monitoring crew Wellsite Geologist and office-based Operations Geologist OIM (for installations not primarily involved with drilling) IADC Well Control Training and Assessment Standard Appendices WSP-01 Service Company Casing Crew Supervisor Cementer ROV personnel (supervisory) Mud Engineer Mud Logger/Wellsite Drilling Data Engineer Directional Driller Fishing Tool Operators (non-pressure operations)


Duration: 1 day

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