Workover/Completions Supervisor Level

Workover/Completions Supervisor Level

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Workover/Completions Supervisor Level – $400

The Supervisor Level course addresses more advanced well control topics such as well kill operations and well control risk management.  Successful completion of the WellSharp approved Driller Level course is recommended before taking the Supervisor course.

Course Content:

The course builds upon the kick prevention, influx detection, introduction to barrier management, and well monitoring content of the Driller Level course.  This competency-based well control course also includes training for commonly used well control techniques with workover operations. The latest information and technologies available are utilized to instruct maintaining control of the well during drilling and/or workover/well completion operations.

Target Audience:

Office-based Rig, Drilling, or Intervention Manager, OIM for mobile offshore drilling and intervention units, Rig Superintendent Offshore (most senior offshore leader for rig owner, may be OIM), Toolpusher (including Intervention and Workover Toolpusher), Drilling contractor Wellsite Engineer, MPD/UBD Wellsite Supervisor, Assistant Wellsite Supervisor/Wellsite Drilling Engineer, Drilling/Intervention Wellsite Supervisor, superintendent, or company representative (day & night), Office-based Drilling Supervisor/Superintendent (not involved with well design approval), Office-based Intervention or Workover Supervisor (not involved with design), Office-based Wellsite Completions Engineer/Senior Completions Engineer, Office-based Drilling Engineer/Senior Drilling Engineer, Office-based Drilling Manager (first line management), Office-based Drilling Supervisor/Superintendent (involved with well design approval), Office-based intervention or Workover Manager, Office-based Intervention/Workover Engineer/Senior Engineer, Well Control Engineers, Well Control Specialists

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